Jeevan Uday was founded by founder members Dr Vikram Singh Negi and Dr. Priyanka Sharma, who have a long experience in the field of treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts. Jeevan Uday was registered as an NGO on 25th Sept 2002. It has been working for drug de-addiction and rehabilitation with multi-dimensional approach of all kinds of addicts eg alcohol, smack, herion, charas, ganja, marijuana, cough syrup, sleeping pills, injections etc.

Jeevan Uday follows a unique model for rehabilitation of drug and alcohol addicts. The model in use now, is a medico-psycho-social-spiritual model incorporating a 12 step programme which includes
Yoga, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Psychotherapy and Allopathy etc.
Drug abuse,also known as substance abuse, involves the repeated and excessive use of a drug to produce pleasure or escape reality despite its destructive effects. The substances abused can be illegal drugs such as Marijuana and Cocaine,or legal substances used improperly, such as prescription drugs and inhalants like Nail Polish or Gasoline. But whatever the choice of drug, substance abuse can be identified by the maladaptive way in which it takes over the user’s life, disrupting his or her relationships, daily functioning, and peace of mind. For those in the grips of drug abuse and addiction, their drug controls them, not the other way round. “Uncontrollable, compulsive drug seeking and use, even in the face of negative health and social consequences” is the essence of drug addiction. Drug addiction can be physical, psychological, or both. Using a drug to numb unpleasant feelings, to relax or to satisfy cravings are examples of psychological addiction. On the other hand, physical addiction is characterized by tolerance - the need for increasingly larger doses or in order to achieve the initial effect and withdrawal symptoms when the user stops.
Jeevan Uday volunteers regularly visit different residential localities in and around NCR to spread awareness and for reaching out to patients. During these visits Jeevan Uday helps in dispelling popular myths and false notions about drug and alcohol addiction.
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