Founder members of JEEVAN UDAY Mr VIKRAM SINGH NEGI ( President ) and DR. PRIYANKA SHARMA ( General Secretary ) have successfully completed four year research project, titled ” TO SEE THE EFFICACY OF YOGA AND NATUROPATHY TO MANAGE THE WITHDRAWL SYMPTOMS OF SMACK ADDICT” funded by Government of India. The findings of this research project are tremendously effective for physical, psychological and spiritual development of drug addicts. No medicine was used to manage withdrawal symptoms of smack addicts. The chief investigator of this project was Dr KIRAN BEDI (IPS)

A research work for PhD titled PERSONALITY AND COGNITIVE CORELATES OF SUBSTANCE ADDICT has been done by Dr Priyanka Sharma. The findings of this study have been effectively helpful in the treatment of drug addicts.

Despite very limited resources, JEEVAN UDAY has till date, successfully treated 1500 plus drug addicts and alcohol addicts.

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