Jeevan Uday follows a Unique Model for rehabilitation of drug and alcohol addicts. The model in use now, is a medico-psycho-social-spiritual model incorporating 12 step program which includes Therapeutic Community ( TC ) model, Yoga , Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Psychotherapy, Allopathy and Jeevan Uday’s 11 years of experience in dealing with drug addicts. Jeevan Uday’s De-addiction Program is based on the belief that addiction is a chronic, progressive and whole personality (physical, psychological, social and spiritual) disease, which is treatable



We provide allopathic treatment under the consultation of qualified and experienced psychiatrist and physician.


By incorporating Yoga and Naturopathy, the program aims at improving the physical, mental, moral and spiritual aspects of human life by adapting a holistic method of treatment, which besides being drugless, is free from side effects. The basic aim is to stabilize the inner body system to prevent re-occurrence of disease. These methods ensure positive health, longevity and happiness as they entail a lifestyle where the internal vital life giving forces of human body are synchronized and interplayed with the forces of nature.


Jeevan Uday offers a multidisciplinary treatment programme, which addresses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of illness. Jeevan Uday provides treatment for each of these dimensions so that the patients may return to their families, jobs and the society with improved physical and mental well being, free from chemical dependency and equipped with the tools necessary to maintain a drug free life style. Homeopathy treatment is non-narcotic and non-addictive for addicts. It does not cause any known physical dependency


Psychotherapy &Counselling

A. Counselling---- Group counselling
Individual Counselling
B. Behaviour Modification Techniques
C. Motivation Enhancement Therapy
D. Role Modeling
E. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
F. Relapse prevention planning

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